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Sermons from Mark

Sunday, Jul 3, AM

Getting Your Mission Right - Because Of The Uniqueness Of Jesus

Speaker: Dr. Tim Berrey
Series: Planning Your Life
Passage: Mark 1
Sunday, Jun 5, PM

Sunday, Sabbath And The Lord's Day

Speaker: Pastor Thomas Overmiller
Series: Christian Life
Passage: Mark 5:17
Sunday, Jan 10, AM

Spiritual Conflict, Spiritual Warfare, And Gospel Advance

Speaker: Mark Gillmore
Series: Missions
Passage: Mark 3:14-15
Sunday, Nov 22, AM

The Ordinance Of Baptism - God's Command To His Desciples

Speaker: Pastor Thomas Overmiller
Series: Baptist Distinctives
Passage: Mark 16:15-16
Wednesday, Apr 1, Midweek

What Does Good Friday Mean To You ? Do You Have a Heart Of Worship ?

Speaker: Joshua Swanson
Series: Easter / Good Friday
Passage: Mark 14