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Sermons from Matthew

Sunday, Jun 21, PM

The Truth About The Church - Is It Distinct From Israel ?

Speaker: Pastor Thomas Overmiller
Series: Church Topics
Passage: Matthew 16:18
Sunday, Jan 18, AM

Kingdom Advance - A God's Plan Strategy To Advance The Great Commission

Speaker: Joshua Swanson
Series: Every Member Ministry
Passage: Matthew 28:19
Sunday, Dec 14

Joseph The Husband Of Mary - A Godly Man Of Genuine Humility

Speaker: Pastor Thomas Overmiller
Series: A Christmas Focus
Passage: Matthew 1:16-24
Wednesday, Sep 3, Midweek

Praying Like A Disciple - Understanding The Pattern Of The Model Prayer

Speaker: Pastor Thomas Overmiller
Series: A Deeper Prayer Life
Passage: Matthew 6:5-9
Sunday, Aug 31, AM

Children In The Church - Should Kids Be In Sunday School During The Service ?

Speaker: Pastor Thomas Overmiller
Series: Church Life 101
Passage: Matthew 18:6-10
Friday, Apr 18, AM

How They Mocked The King Of Kings

Speaker: Pastor Vincent Sawyer
Series: Easter / Good Friday
Passage: Matthew 27
Friday, Mar 7, PM

To Fear Or To Depend On God's Word ? - The Doubts & Fears Of The Aposle John

Speaker: Paul Schwanke
Series: Revival w. Paul Schwanke
Passage: Matthew 11:1-6
Thursday, Nov 14, PM

Credit Card Bill Payment - Jesus Paying Our Sin Debt In Full

Speaker: Steve Pettit
Series: Revival w/ Steve Pettit
Passage: Matthew 12