Faith Baptist Church of Corona NY


Resources | Bible and Prayer Challenge

HPS_Bible_Prayer_Challenge.pngLet's grow in our daily walk with God! A new year provides a new opportunity to set important goals and form habits like daily Bible reading and prayer. To strengthen our walk with God and unify us together as a church, we're providing two resources that help us maintain a consistent, personal time with the Lord.

A weekly Bible reading plan

This plan focuses on one chapter each weekday from each main genre of Scripture (Torah, History, Wisdom, Prophets, NT). On Saturdays, we'll review what we've read that week, and on Sundays we'll preview the chapters of the week ahead. Click here on this link to download your own copy of this year's reading plan. Bible-Reading-Plan-2023-_Balanced-Bible-Menu_

Weekly Questions

Genesis 22 - How many days was Isaac on this trip with his father?

Joshua 22 - Why were the other tribes alarmed at the tribe of Rueben and Manasseh building the altar?

Proverbs 22 - Who is the borrower servant to?     

Isaiah 22 - The choicest valleys shall be full of what?

Matthew 22 - What did Jesus ask the Pharisees and Herodians to show to Him?  Whose picture was on it?

A Weekly Prayer Guide

This guide will help us worship and thank God, confess our need, intercede for others, and make personal requests on a regular basis. A special feature of this guide is that it enables us to pray for one another and for important requests we often overlook. On Saturdays we'll ask God for opportunities to be a blessing, and on Sundays we'll prepare our hearts for worship. (Link pending)

A Third Important Resource

Another resource we'll rely upon is each other! As you study God's Word and pray throughout the week, be sure to reach out to another person in the church to share what you're learning, any questions you have, and any prayer answers or requests on your heart. We'll also provide opportunities to share testimonies in our Sunday worship of how God is working in your personal walk with him!